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Hosea 6:11


I have appointed a time to reap judgment 1  for you also, O Judah!Whenever I want to restore the fortunes of my people, 2 


Job 42:10; Ps 126:1; Jer 51:33; Joe 3:13; Mic 4:12; Zep 2:7; Re 14:15

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tn Heb “a harvest is appointed for you also, O Judah” (similar ASV, NAB, NASB, NIV, NRSV).

tc In the verse divisions of the MT (Leningrad Codex and Aleppo Codex), this is the last line of 6:11. However, the BHK and BHS editors suggest that it belongs with the beginning of 7:1. The ancient versions (Greek, Syriac, Latin) all reflect textual traditions that connect it with 6:11. The English versions are divided: some connect it with 6:11 (KJV, NASB, NLT), while others connect it with 7:1 (RSV, NAB, NIV, NRSV, NJPS). The parallelism between this line and 7:1a favors connecting it with 7:1.

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