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Hosea 12:9


“I am the Lord your God 1  who brought you 2  out of Egypt; I will make you live in tents again as in the days of old. 3 


Ge 25:27; Ex 20:2; Le 19:36; Le 23:40-43; Le 26:13; Nu 15:41; 2Sa 7:2; Ezr 3:4; Ne 8:15-17; Ps 81:10; Jer 35:7; Ho 13:4; Mic 6:4; Zec 14:16-19; Joh 7:2; Heb 11:9-13

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sn The Lord answers Ephraim’s self-assertion (“I am rich!”) with the self-introduction formula (“I am the Lord your God!”) which introduces judgment oracles and ethical instructions.

tn Or “[Ever since you came] out of Egypt”; CEV “just as I have been since the time you were in Egypt.”

tn Heb “as in the days of meeting” (כִּימֵי מוֹעֵד, kime moed). This phrase might refer to “time of the festival” (e.g., Hos 2:13; 9:5; cf. NASB, NRSV, NLT) or the Lord’s first “meeting” with Israel in the desert (cf. NAB, TEV, CEV). In his announcements about Israel’s future, Hosea uses “as in the days of […]” (כִּימֵי) or “as in the day of […]” (כְּיוֹם, kÿyom) to introduce analogies drawn from Israel’s early history (e.g., Hos 2:5, 17; 9:9; 10:9).

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