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Hosea 12:7


The businessmen love to cheat; 1  they use dishonest scales. 2 


Le 19:35,36; 1Sa 12:3; Pr 11:1; Pr 16:11; Isa 3:5; Eze 16:3; Eze 22:29; Am 2:7; Am 3:9; Am 4:1; Am 5:11; Am 8:5,6; Mic 2:1; Mic 3:1-3; Mic 6:10,11; Mic 7:2; Zec 14:21; Mal 3:5; Joh 2:16; 1Ti 6:9,10; Jas 5:4

NET © Notes

tn Heb “the merchant…loves to cheat.” The Hebrew has singular forms (noun and verb) which are used generically to refer to all Israelite merchants and traders in general. The singular noun II כְּנַעַן (kÿnaan, “a merchant; a trader”; BDB 488 s.v. II כְּנַעַן) is used in a generic sense to refer to the merchant class of Israel as a whole (e.g., Ezek 16:29; 17:4; Zeph 1:11).

tn Heb “The merchant – in his hand are scales of deceit – loves to cheat.” The present translation rearranges the Hebrew line division to produce a smoother English rendering.

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