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Hebrews 12:9


Besides, we have experienced discipline from 1  our earthly fathers 2  and we respected them; shall we not submit ourselves all the more to the Father of spirits and receive life? 3 


Ex 20:12; Le 19:3; Nu 16:22; Nu 27:16; De 21:18-21; De 27:16; Job 12:10; Pr 30:17; Ec 12:7; Isa 42:5; Isa 57:16; Eze 22:7; Zec 12:1; Mal 1:6; Joh 3:6; Ac 2:30; Ro 1:3; Ro 9:3,5; Eph 6:1-4; Heb 12:7; Jas 4:7,10; 1Pe 5:6

NET © Notes

tn Grk “we had our earthly fathers as discipliners.”

tn Grk “the fathers of our flesh.” In Hebrews, “flesh” is a characteristic way of speaking about outward, physical, earthly life (cf. Heb 5:7; 9:10, 13), as opposed to the inward or spiritual dimensions of life.

tn Grk “and live.”

sn Submit ourselves…to the Father of spirits and receive life. This idea is drawn from Proverbs, where the Lord’s discipline brings life, while resistance to it leads to death (cf. Prov 4:13; 6:23; 10:17; 16:17).

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