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Hebrews 1:1


After God spoke long ago 1  in various portions 2  and in various ways 3  to our ancestors 4  through the prophets,


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tn Or “spoke formerly.”

tn Or “parts.” The idea is that God’s previous revelation came in many parts and was therefore fragmentary or partial (L&N 63.19), in comparison with the final and complete revelation contained in God’s Son. However, some interpret πολυμερῶς (polumerw") in Heb 1:1 to mean “on many different occasions” and would thus translate “many times” (L&N 67.11). This is the option followed by the NIV: “at many times and in various ways.” Finally, this word is also understood to refer to the different manners in which something may be done, and would then be translated “in many different ways” (L&N 89.81). In this last case, the two words πολυμερῶς and πολυτρόπως (polutropw") mutually reinforce one another (“in many and various ways,” NRSV).

tn These two phrases are emphasized in Greek by being placed at the beginning of the sentence and by alliteration.

tn Grk “to the fathers.”

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