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Haggai 2:15


Now therefore reflect carefully on the recent past, 1  before one stone was laid on another in the Lord’s temple. 2 


Ezr 3:10; Ezr 4:24; Ps 107:43; Isa 5:12; Ho 14:9; Hag 1:5,7; Hag 2:18; Mal 3:8-11; Ro 6:21; 1Co 11:31

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tn Heb “and now set your heart from this day and upward.” The juxtaposition of מָעְלָה (malah, “upward”) with the following מִטֶּרֶם (mitterem, “before”) demands a look to the past. Cf. ASV “consider from this day and backward.”

sn Before one stone was laid on another in the Lord’s temple is best taken as referring to the laying of the present temple’s foundation, sixteen years earlier (536 b.c.; see Ezra 3:8). Cf. NCV “before you started laying stones”; TEV “before you started to rebuild”; NLT “before you began to lay (started laying CEV) the foundation.”

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