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Habakkuk 3:8


Is the Lord mad at the rivers? Are you angry with the rivers? Are you enraged at the sea? 1  Is this why 2  you climb into your horse-drawn chariots, 3  your victorious chariots? 4 


Ex 14:21,22; De 33:26,27; Jos 3:16,17; Ps 18:10; Ps 45:4; Ps 68:4,17; Ps 104:3; Ps 114:3,5; Isa 19:1; Isa 50:2; Na 1:4; Hab 3:15; Mr 4:39; Re 6:2; Re 16:12; Re 19:11,14

NET © Notes

sn The following context suggests these questions should be answered, “Yes.” The rivers and the sea, symbolizing here the hostile nations (v. 12), are objects of the Lord’s anger (vv. 10, 15).

tn Heb “so that.” Here כִּי (ki) is resultative. See the note on the phrase “make it” in 2:18.

tn Heb “you mount your horses.” As the next line makes clear, the Lord is pictured here as a charioteer, not a cavalryman. Note NRSV here, “when you drove your horses, // your chariots to victory.”

tn Or “chariots of deliverance.”

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