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Habakkuk 2:2


The Lord responded: 1  “Write down this message! 2  Record it legibly on tablets, so the one who announces 3  it may read it easily. 4 


De 27:8; De 31:19,22; Isa 8:1; Isa 30:8; Jer 36:2-4,27-32; Da 12:4; Joh 11:28,29; 1Co 14:19; 2Co 3:12; Re 1:18,19; Re 14:13; Re 19:9; Re 21:5-8

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tn Heb “the Lord answered and said.” The redundant expression “answered and said” has been simplified in the translation as “responded.”

tn Heb “[the] vision.”

tn Or “reads from.”

tn Heb “might run,” which here probably means “run [through it quickly with one’s eyes],” that is, read it easily.

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