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Genesis 5:5


The entire lifetime 1  of Adam was 930 years, and then he died. 2 


Ge 3:19; Ge 5:8,11,14,17-32; Ge 5:8,11,14-32; De 30:20; 2Sa 14:14; Job 30:23; Ps 49:7-10; Ps 89:48; Ps 90:10; Ec 9:5,8; Ec 12:5,7; Eze 18:4; Ro 5:12-14; 1Co 15:21,22; Heb 9:27

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tn Heb “all the days of Adam which he lived”

sn The genealogy traces the line from Adam to Noah and forms a bridge between the earlier accounts and the flood story. Its constant theme of the reign of death in the human race is broken once with the account of Enoch, but the genealogy ends with hope for the future through Noah. See further G. F. Hasel, “The Genealogies of Gen. 5 and 11 and their Alleged Babylonian Background,” AUSS 16 (1978): 361-74; idem, “Genesis 5 and 11,” Origins 7 (1980): 23-37.

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