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Genesis 40:15


for I really was kidnapped 1  from the land of the Hebrews and I have done nothing wrong here for which they should put me in a dungeon.”


Ge 14:13; Ge 37:28; Ge 39:8-12,20; Ge 41:12; Ex 21:16; De 24:7; 1Sa 24:11; Ps 59:3,4; Da 6:22; Joh 10:32; Joh 15:25; Ac 24:12-21; Ac 25:10,11; 1Ti 1:10; 1Pe 3:17,18

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tn The verb גָּנַב (ganav) means “to steal,” but in the Piel/Pual stem “to steal away.” The idea of “kidnap” would be closer to the sense, meaning he was stolen and carried off. The preceding infinitive absolute underscores the point Joseph is making.

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