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Genesis 4:12


When you try to cultivate 1  the ground it will no longer yield 2  its best 3  for you. You will be a homeless wanderer 4  on the earth.”


Ge 3:17,18; Ge 4:14; Le 26:20; Le 26:36; De 28:23,24; De 28:65,66; Ps 109:10; Jer 20:3,4; Ho 9:17; Ro 8:20

NET © Notes

tn Heb “work.”

tn Heb “it will not again (תֹסֵף, tosef) give (תֵּת, tet),” meaning the ground will no longer yield. In translation the infinitive becomes the main verb, and the imperfect verb form becomes adverbial.

tn Heb “its strength.”

tn Two similar sounding synonyms are used here: נָע וָנָד (navanad, “a wanderer and a fugitive”). This juxtaposition of synonyms emphasizes the single idea. In translation one can serve as the main description, the other as a modifier. Other translation options include “a wandering fugitive” and a “ceaseless wanderer” (cf. NIV).

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