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Genesis 39:7


Soon after these things, his master’s wife took notice of 1  Joseph and said, “Have sex with me.” 2 


Ge 6:2; 2Sa 13:11; Job 31:1; Ps 119:37; Pr 2:16; Pr 5:9; Pr 7:13; Jer 3:3; Eze 16:25,32,34; Eze 23:5,6,12-16; Mt 5:28; 2Pe 2:14; 1Jo 2:16

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tn Heb “she lifted up her eyes toward,” an expression that emphasizes her deliberate and careful scrutiny of him.

tn Heb “lie with me.” Here the expression “lie with” is a euphemism for sexual intercourse.

sn The story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife has long been connected with the wisdom warnings about the strange woman who tries to seduce the young man with her boldness and directness (see Prov 5-7, especially 7:6-27). This is part of the literary background of the story of Joseph that gives it a wisdom flavor. See G. von Rad, God at Work in Israel, 19-35; and G. W. Coats, “The Joseph Story and Ancient Wisdom: A Reappraisal,” CBQ 35 (1973): 285-97.

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