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Genesis 37:5


Joseph 1  had a dream, 2  and when he told his brothers about it, 3  they hated him even more. 4 


Ge 28:12; Ge 37:4,8; Ge 37:9; Ge 40:5; Ge 41:1; Ge 42:9; Ge 49:23; Nu 12:6; Jud 7:13,14; 1Ki 3:5; Ps 25:14; Da 2:1; Da 4:5; Joe 2:28; Am 3:7; Joh 17:14

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tn Heb “and he”; the referent (Joseph) has been specified in the translation for clarity.

tn Heb “dreamed a dream.”

sn Some interpreters see Joseph as gloating over his brothers, but the text simply says he told his brothers about it (i.e., the dream). The text gives no warrant for interpreting his manner as arrogant or condescending. It seems normal that he would share a dream with the family.

tn The construction uses a hendiadys, “they added to hate,” meaning they hated him even more.

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