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Genesis 32:11


Rescue me, 1  I pray, from the hand 2  of my brother Esau, 3  for I am afraid he will come 4  and attack me, as well as the mothers with their children. 5 


De 22:6; 1Sa 12:10; 1Sa 24:15; Ps 16:1; Ps 25:20; Ps 31:2; Ps 43:1; Ps 59:1,2; Ps 119:134; Ps 142:6; Pr 18:19; Da 3:17; Ho 10:14; Mt 6:13

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tn The imperative has the force of a prayer here, not a command.

tn The “hand” here is a metonymy for “power.”

tn Heb “from the hand of my brother, from the hand of Esau.”

tn Heb “for I am afraid of him, lest he come.”

sn Heb “me, [the] mother upon [the] sons.” The first person pronoun “me” probably means here “me and mine,” as the following clause suggests.

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