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Genesis 28:3


May the sovereign God 1  bless you! May he make you fruitful and give you a multitude of descendants! 2  Then you will become 3  a large nation. 4 


Ge 1:28; Ge 9:1; Ge 13:16; Ge 17:1-6; Ge 22:17,18; Ge 24:60; Ge 35:11; Ge 41:52; Ge 43:14; Ge 48:3; Ex 6:3; Ps 127:1; Ps 127:3-5; Ps 128:1-6; 2Co 6:18; Re 21:22

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tn Heb “El Shaddai.” See the extended note on the phrase “sovereign God” in Gen 17:1.

tn Heb “and make you fruitful and multiply you.” See Gen 17:6, 20 for similar terminology.

tn The perfect verbal form with vav (ו) consecutive here indicates consequence. The collocation הָיָה + preposition לְ (hayah + lÿ) means “become.”

tn Heb “an assembly of peoples.”

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