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Genesis 26:7


When the men of that place asked him about his wife, he replied, “She is my sister.” 1  He was afraid to say, “She is my wife,” for he thought to himself, 2  “The men of this place will kill me to get 3  Rebekah because she is very beautiful.”


Ge 12:13; Ge 20:2,5,12,13; Ge 24:16; Pr 29:25; Mt 10:28; Eph 5:25; Col 3:9

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sn Rebekah, unlike Sarah, was not actually her husband’s sister.

tn Heb “lest.” The words “for he thought to himself” are supplied because the next clause is written with a first person pronoun, showing that Isaac was saying or thinking this.

tn Heb “kill me on account of.”

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