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Genesis 26:29


so that 1  you will not do us any harm, just as we have not harmed 2  you, but have always treated you well 3  before sending you away 4  in peace. Now you are blessed by the Lord.” 5 


Ge 12:2; Ge 21:22; Ge 22:17; Ge 24:31; Ge 26:11,14,15; Ge 26:12; Ps 115:15

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tn The oath formula is used: “if you do us harm” means “so that you will not do.”

tn Heb “touched.”

tn Heb “and just as we have done only good with you.”

tn Heb “and we sent you away.”

tn The Philistine leaders are making an observation, not pronouncing a blessing, so the translation reads “you are blessed” rather than “may you be blessed” (cf. NAB).

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