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Genesis 25:27


When the boys grew up, Esau became a skilled 1  hunter, a man of the open fields, but Jacob was an even-tempered man, living in tents. 2 


Ge 6:9; Ge 10:9; Ge 21:20; Ge 27:3-5,40; Ge 28:10,11; Ge 31:39-41; Ge 46:34; Job 1:1,8; Job 2:3; Ps 37:37; Heb 11:9

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tn Heb “knowing.”

tn The disjunctive clause juxtaposes Jacob with Esau and draws attention to the striking contrasts. In contrast to Esau, a man of the field, Jacob was civilized, as the phrase “living in tents” signifies. Whereas Esau was a skillful hunter, Jacob was calm and even-tempered (תָּם, tam), which normally has the idea of “blameless.”

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