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Genesis 24:60


They blessed Rebekah with these words: 1  “Our sister, may you become the mother 2  of thousands of ten thousands! May your descendants possess the strongholds 3  of their enemies.”


Ge 1:28; Ge 9:1; Ge 14:19; Ge 17:16; Ge 22:17; Ge 28:3; Ge 48:15,16,20; Le 25:46; De 21:19; Ru 4:11,12; Da 7:10

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tn Heb “and said to her.”

tn Heb “become thousands of ten thousands.”

sn May you become the mother of thousands of ten thousands. The blessing expresses their prayer that she produce children and start a family line that will greatly increase (cf. Gen 17:16).

tn Heb “gate,” which here stands for a walled city. In an ancient Near Eastern city the gate complex was the main area of defense (hence the translation “stronghold”). A similar phrase occurs in Gen 22:17.

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