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Genesis 19:17


When they had brought them outside, they 1  said, “Run 2  for your lives! Don’t look 3  behind you or stop anywhere in the valley! 4  Escape to the mountains or you will be destroyed!”


Ge 18:22; Ge 19:14,15,22; Ge 19:26; 1Sa 19:11; 1Ki 19:3; Ps 121:1; Mt 3:7; Mt 24:16-18; Lu 9:62; Lu 17:31,32; Php 3:13,14; Heb 2:3

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tn Or “one of them”; Heb “he.” Several ancient versions (LXX, Vulgate, Syriac) read the plural “they.” See also the note on “your” in v. 19.

tn Heb “escape.”

tn The Hebrew verb translated “look” signifies an intense gaze, not a passing glance. This same verb is used later in v. 26 to describe Lot’s wife’s self-destructive look back at the city.

tn Or “in the plain”; Heb “in the circle,” referring to the “circle” or oval area of the Jordan Valley.

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