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Genesis 18:25


Far be it from you to do such a thing – to kill the godly with the wicked, treating the godly and the wicked alike! Far be it from you! Will not the judge 1  of the whole earth do what is right?” 2 


De 32:4; Job 8:3; Job 8:20; Job 9:22,23; Job 34:17-19; Ps 11:5-7; Ps 58:11; Ps 94:2; Ps 98:9; Ec 7:15; Ec 8:12,13; Isa 3:10,11; Isa 57:1,2; Jer 12:1; Mal 3:18; Joh 5:22-27; Ro 3:6; 2Co 5:10

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tn Or “ruler.”

sn Will not the judge of the whole earth do what is right? For discussion of this text see J. L. Crenshaw, “Popular Questioning of the Justice of God in Ancient Israel,” ZAW 82 (1970): 380-95, and C. S. Rodd, “Shall Not the Judge of All the Earth Do What Is Just?” ExpTim 83 (1972): 137-39.

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