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Genesis 1:27


God created humankind 1  in his own image, in the image of God he created them, 2  male and female he created them. 3 


Ge 1:26; Ge 2:21-25; Ge 5:2; Ps 139:14; Isa 43:7; Mal 2:15; Mt 19:4; Mr 10:6; 1Co 11:8,9; Eph 2:10; Eph 4:24; Col 1:15

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tn The Hebrew text has the article prefixed to the noun (הָאָדָם, haadam). The article does not distinguish man from woman here (“the man” as opposed to “the woman”), but rather indicates previous reference (see v. 26, where the noun appears without the article). It has the same function as English “the aforementioned.”

tn The third person suffix on the particle אֵת (’et) is singular here, but collective.

sn The distinction of “humankind” as “male” and “female” is another point of separation in God’s creation. There is no possibility that the verse is teaching that humans were first androgynous (having both male and female physical characteristics) and afterward were separated. The mention of male and female prepares for the blessing to follow.

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