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Genesis 1:20


God said, “Let the water swarm with swarms 1  of living creatures and let birds fly 2  above the earth across the expanse of the sky.”


Ge 1:7,14; Ge 1:22; Ge 1:30; Ge 2:19; Ge 8:17; 1Ki 4:33; Ps 104:24,25; Ps 148:10; Ec 2:21; Ac 17:25

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tn The Hebrew text again uses a cognate construction (“swarm with swarms”) to emphasize the abundant fertility. The idea of the verb is one of swift movement back and forth, literally swarming. This verb is used in Exod 1:7 to describe the rapid growth of the Israelite population in bondage.

tn The Hebrew text uses the Polel form of the verb instead of the simple Qal; it stresses a swarming flight again to underscore the abundant fruitfulness.

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