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Galatians 2:6


But from those who were influential 1  (whatever they were makes no difference to me; God shows no favoritism between people 2 ) – those influential leaders 3  added 4  nothing to my message. 5 


Job 32:6,7,17-22; Job 34:19; Mt 22:16; Mr 6:17-20; Mr 12:14; Lu 20:21; Ac 10:34; Ac 15:6-29; Ro 2:11; 2Co 5:16; 2Co 11:5,21-23; 2Co 12:11; Ga 2:2,9; Ga 2:10; Ga 2:11-14; Ga 6:3; Heb 13:7,17; 1Pe 1:17

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tn Or “influential leaders.” BDAG 255 s.v. δοκέω 2.a.β has “the influential men Gal 2:2, 6b. A fuller expr. w. the same mng., w. inf. added…vss. 6a, 9.” This refers to the leadership of the Jerusalem church.

tn Grk “God does not receive the face of man,” an idiom for showing favoritism or partiality (BDAG 887-88 s.v. πρόσωπον 1.b.α; L&N 88.238).

tn Or “influential people”; here “leaders” was used rather than “people” for stylistic reasons, to avoid redundancy with the word “people” in the previous parenthetical remark. See also the note on the word “influential” at the beginning of this verse.

tn Or “contributed.” This is the same word translated “go to ask advice from” in 1:16, but it has a different meaning here; see L&N 59.72.

tn Or “added nothing to my authority.” Grk “added nothing to me,” with what was added (“message,” etc.) implied.

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