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Ezra 6:4


with three layers of large stones 1  and one 2  layer of timber. The expense is to be subsidized 3  by the royal treasury. 4 


1Ki 6:36; Ezr 7:20-23; Ps 68:29; Ps 72:10; Isa 49:23; Isa 60:6-10; Re 12:16

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tn Aram “stones of rolling.”

tc The translation follows the LXX reading חַד (khad, “one”) rather than the MT חֲדַת (khadat, “new”). If the MT reading “new” is understood to mean freshly cut timber that has not yet been seasoned it would seem to be an odd choice for construction material.

tn Aram “let be given.”

tn Aram “house.”

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