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Ezra 4:9


From 1  Rehum the commander, Shimshai the scribe, and the rest of their colleagues – the judges, the rulers, the officials, the secretaries, the Erechites, the Babylonians, the people of Susa (that is, 2  the Elamites),


Ge 10:22; 2Ki 17:24,30,31; Ezr 5:6; Ezr 6:6; Es 1:2; Es 2:3; Isa 21:2; Jer 25:25; Jer 49:34; Eze 32:24; Da 8:2; Ac 2:9

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tn Aram “then.” What follows in v. 9 seems to be the preface of the letter, serving to identify the senders of the letter. The word “from” is not in the Aramaic text but has been supplied in the translation for clarity.

tn For the qere of the MT (דֶּהָיֵא, dehaye’, a proper name) it seems better to retain the Kethib דִּהוּא (dihu’, “that is”). See F. Rosenthal, Grammar, 25, §35; E. Vogt, Lexicon linguae aramaicae, 36.

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