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Ezekiel 33:24


“Son of man, the ones living in these ruins in the land of Israel are saying, ‘Abraham was only one man, yet he possessed the land, but we are many; surely the land has been given to us for a possession.’ 1 


Isa 51:2; Jer 39:10; Jer 40:7; Eze 5:3,4; Eze 33:27; Eze 34:2; Eze 36:4; Mic 3:11; Mt 3:9; Lu 3:8; Joh 8:33,39; Ac 7:5; Ro 4:12; Ro 9:7; 1Th 5:3

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sn Outside of its seven occurrences in Ezekiel the term translated “possession” appears only in Exod 6:8 and Deut 33:4.

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