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Ezekiel 32:27


They do not lie with the fallen warriors of ancient times, 1  who went down to Sheol with their weapons of war, having their swords placed under their heads and their shields on their bones, 2  when the terror of these warriors was in the land of the living.


Job 3:13-15; Job 20:11; Ps 49:14; Ps 92:7,9; Ps 109:18; Pr 14:32; Isa 14:18,19; Isa 54:17; Eze 18:20; Eze 32:21; Joh 8:24; 2Co 10:4

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tc Heb “of the uncircumcised.” The LXX reads, probably correctly, “from of old” rather than “of the uncircumcised.” The phrases are very similar in spelling. The warriors of Meshech-Tubal are described as uncircumcised, so it would be odd for them to not be buried with the uncircumcised. Verse 28 specifically says that they would lie with the uncircumcised.

tn Heb “and their iniquities were over their bones.” The meaning of this statement is unclear; in light of the parallelism (see “swords”) it is preferable to emend “their iniquities” to “their swords.” See L. C. Allen, Ezekiel (WBC), 2:135.

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