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Ezekiel 20:4


“Are you willing to pronounce judgment? 1  Are you willing to pronounce judgment, son of man? Then confront them with the abominable practices of their fathers,


Isa 5:3; Jer 7:16; Jer 11:14; Jer 14:11-14; Jer 15:1; Eze 14:14,20; Eze 16:2,3; Eze 22:2; Eze 23:36,45; Mt 23:29-37; Lu 11:47-51; Lu 13:33-35; Ac 7:51,52; 1Co 6:2

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tn Heb “will you judge.” Here the imperfect form of the verb is probably used with a desiderative nuance. Addressed to the prophet, “judge” means to warn of or pronounce God’s impending judgment.

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