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Ezekiel 19:10


“‘Your mother was like a vine in your vineyard, 1  planted by water. It was fruitful and full of branches because it was well-watered.


Nu 24:6,7; De 8:7,9; Ps 80:8-11; Ps 89:25-29; Isa 5:1-4; Eze 15:2-8; Eze 17:6; Eze 19:2; Ho 2:2,5; Mt 21:33-41

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tc The Hebrew text reads “in your blood,” but most emend to “in your vineyard,” assuming a ב-כ (beth-kaph) confusion. See L. C. Allen, Ezekiel (WBC), 1:284. Another attractive emendation assumes a faulty word division and yields the reading “like a vine full of tendrils, which/because…”; see D. I. Block, Ezekiel (NICOT), 1:607, n. 68.

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