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Exodus 7:4


Pharaoh will not listen to you. 1  I will reach into 2  Egypt and bring out my regiments, 3  my people the Israelites, from the land of Egypt with great acts of judgment.


Ex 6:6; Ex 6:26; Ex 9:3; Ex 10:1; Ex 11:9; Ex 12:51; Jud 2:15; Pr 19:29; Isa 26:9; La 3:3; Eze 14:21; Eze 25:11; Eze 30:14,19; Re 15:4; Re 16:7; Re 19:2

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tn Heb “and Pharaoh will not listen.”

tn Heb “put my hand into.” The expression is a strong anthropomorphism to depict God’s severest judgment on Egypt. The point is that neither the speeches of Moses and Aaron nor the signs that God would do will be effective. Consequently, God would deliver the blow that would destroy.

tn See the note on this term in 6:26.

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