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Exodus 36:5


and told Moses, “The people are bringing much more than 1  is needed for the completion 2  of the work which the Lord commanded us to do!” 3 


Ex 32:3; 2Ch 24:14; 2Ch 31:6-10; 2Co 8:2,3; Php 2:21; Php 4:17,18

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tn The construction uses the verbal hendiadys: מַרְבִּים לְהָבִיא (marbim lÿhavi’) is the Hiphil participle followed (after the subject) by the Hiphil infinitive construct. It would read, “they multiply…to bring,” meaning, “they bring more” than is needed.

tn Heb “for the service” (so KJV, ASV).

tn The last clause is merely the infinitive with an object – “to do it.” It clearly means the skilled workers are to do it.

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