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Exodus 36:1


So Bezalel and Oholiab and every skilled person 1  in whom the Lord has put skill 2  and ability 3  to know how 4  to do all the work for the service 5  of the sanctuary are to do the work 6  according to all that the Lord has commanded.”


Ex 23:21,22; Ex 25:8; Ex 28:3; Ex 31:1-6; Ex 31:6; Ex 35:30-35; Ex 36:3,4; Ex 39:1-43; Ex 40:1-38; Nu 7:9; Ps 119:6; Mt 28:20; Lu 1:6; Heb 8:2

NET © Notes

tn Heb “wise of [in] heart.”

tn Heb “wisdom.”

tn Heb “understanding, discernment.”

tn The relative clause includes this infinitive clause that expresses either the purpose or the result of God’s giving wisdom and understanding to these folk.

tn This noun is usually given an interpretive translation. B. Jacob renders the bound relationship as “the holy task” or “the sacred task” (Exodus, 1019). The NIV makes it “constructing,” so read “the work of constructing the sanctuary.”

tn The first word of the verse is a perfect tense with vav (ו) consecutive; it is singular because it agrees with the first of the compound subject. The sentence is a little cumbersome because of the extended relative clause in the middle.

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