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Exodus 34:21


“On six days 1  you may labor, but on the seventh day you must rest; 2  even at the time of plowing and of harvest 3  you are to rest. 4 


Ge 45:6; Ex 20:9-11; Ex 23:12; Ex 35:2; De 5:12-15; De 21:4; 1Sa 8:12; Isa 30:24; Lu 13:14; Lu 23:56

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tn This is an adverbial accusative of time.

tn Or “cease” (i.e., from the labors).

sn See M. Dahood, “Vocative lamed in Exodus 2,4 and Merismus in 34,21,” Bib 62 (1981): 413-15.

tn The imperfect tense expresses injunction or instruction.

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