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Exodus 34:12


Be careful not to make 1  a covenant with the inhabitants of the land where you are going, lest it become a snare 2  among you.


Ex 23:32,33; De 7:2; De 7:16; Jos 23:12,13; Jud 2:2; Jud 2:3; Jud 8:27; Ps 106:36

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tn The exact expression is “take heed to yourself lest you make.” It is the second use of this verb in the duties, now in the Niphal stem. To take heed to yourself means to watch yourself, be sure not to do something. Here, if they failed to do this, they would end up making entangling treaties.

sn A snare would be a trap, an allurement to ruin. See Exod 23:33.

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