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Exodus 29:43


There I will meet 1  with the Israelites, and it will be set apart as holy by my glory. 2 


Ex 40:34; 1Ki 8:11; 2Ch 5:14; 2Ch 7:1-3; Isa 6:1-3; Isa 60:1; Eze 43:5; Hag 2:7-9; Mal 3:1; 2Co 3:18; 2Co 4:6; 1Jo 3:2; Re 21:22,23

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tn The verb now is a Niphal perfect from the same root, with a vav (ו) consecutive. It simply continues the preceding verb, announcing now that he would meet the people.

tn Or “will be sanctified by my glory” (KJV and ASV both similar).

sn The tabernacle, as well as the priests and the altar, will be sanctified by the power of Yahweh’s presence. The reference here is to when Yahweh enters the sanctuary in all his glory (see Exod 40:34f.).

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