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Exodus 29:34


If any of the meat from the consecration offerings 1  or any of the bread is left over 2  until morning, then you are to burn up 3  what is left over. It must not be eaten, 4  because it is holy.


Ex 12:10; Ex 16:19; Ex 29:22,26,28; Le 7:18,19; Le 8:32; Le 10:16

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tn Or “ordination offerings” (Heb “fillings”).

tn The verb in the conditional clause is a Niphal imperfect of יָתַר (yatar); this verb is repeated in the next clause (as a Niphal participle) as the direct object of the verb “you will burn” (a Qal perfect with a vav [ו] consecutive to form the instruction).

tn Heb “burn with fire.”

tn The verb is a Niphal imperfect negated. It expresses the prohibition against eating this, but in the passive voice: “it will not be eaten,” or stronger, “it must not be eaten.”

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