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Exodus 29:33


They are to eat those things by which atonement was made 1  to consecrate and to set them apart, but no one else 2  may eat them, for they are holy.


Le 10:13-18; Le 22:10-13; Nu 1:51; Nu 3:10,38; Nu 16:5; Nu 16:40; Nu 18:4,7; Ps 22:26; Joh 6:53-55; 1Co 11:24,26

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tn The clause is a relative clause modifying “those things,” the direct object of the verb “eat.” The relative clause has a resumptive pronoun: “which atonement was made by them” becomes “by which atonement was made.” The verb is a Pual perfect of כִּפֵּר (kipper, “to expiate, atone, pacify”).

tn The Hebrew word is “stranger, alien” (זָר, zar). But in this context it means anyone who is not a priest (see S. R. Driver, Exodus, 324).

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