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Exodus 27:3


You are to make its pots for the ashes, 1  its shovels, its tossing bowls, 2  its meat hooks, and its fire pans – you are to make all 3  its utensils of bronze.


Ex 24:6; Ex 38:3; Le 16:12; Nu 4:14; 1Sa 2:13,14; 1Ki 7:40,45; 1Ki 7:45; 2Ki 25:15; 1Ch 28:17; 2Ch 4:11; 2Ch 4:16; Jer 52:18; Jer 52:19,20

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sn The word is literally “its fat,” but sometimes it describes “fatty ashes” (TEV “the greasy ashes”). The fat would run down and mix with the ashes, and this had to be collected and removed.

sn This was the larger bowl used in tossing the blood at the side of the altar.

tn The text has “to all its vessels.” This is the lamed (ל) of inclusion according to Gesenius, meaning “all its utensils” (GKC 458 §143.e).

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