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Exodus 22:23


If you afflict them 1  in any way 2  and they cry to me, I will surely hear 3  their cry,


De 15:9; De 24:15; Job 31:38,39; Job 34:28; Job 35:9; Ps 10:17,18; Ps 18:6; Ps 140:12; Ps 145:19; Ps 146:7-9; Pr 22:22,23; Pr 23:10,11; Lu 18:7; Jas 5:4

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tn The accusative here is the masculine singular pronoun, which leads S. R. Driver to conclude that this line is out of place, even though the masculine singular can be used in places like this (Exodus, 232). U. Cassuto says its use is to refer to certain classes (Exodus, 292).

tn Here again and with “cry” the infinitive absolute functions with a diminished emphasis (GKC 342-43 §113.o).

tn Here is the normal use of the infinitive absolute with the imperfect tense to emphasize the verb: “I will surely hear,” implying, “I will surely respond.”

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