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Exodus 16:7


and in the morning you will see 1  the glory of the Lord, because he has heard 2  your murmurings against the Lord. As for us, what are we, 3  that you should murmur against us?”


Ex 16:2,3,8; Ex 16:10; Ex 16:13; Ex 24:10,16; Ex 40:34; Le 9:6; Nu 14:10; Nu 16:11; Nu 16:42; Isa 35:2; Isa 40:5; Joh 11:4,40

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tn Heb “morning, and you will see.”

tn The form is a Qal infinitive construct with a preposition and a suffix. It forms an adverbial clause, usually of time, but here a causal clause.

tn The words “as for us” attempt to convey the force of the Hebrew word order, which puts emphasis on the pronoun: “and we – what?” The implied answer to the question is that Moses and Aaron are nothing, merely the messengers. The next verse repeats the question to further press the seriousness of what the Israelites are doing.

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