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Exodus 16:34


Just as the Lord commanded Moses, so Aaron placed it before the Testimony 1  for safekeeping. 2 


Ex 25:16,21; Ex 27:21; Ex 30:6,36; Ex 31:18; Ex 38:21; Ex 40:20; Nu 1:50,53; Nu 17:10; De 10:5; 1Ki 8:9

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sn The “Testimony” is a reference to the Ark of the Covenant; so the pot of manna would be placed before Yahweh in the tabernacle. W. C. Kaiser says that this later instruction came from a time after the tabernacle had been built (see Exod 25:10-22; W. C. Kaiser, Jr., “Exodus,” EBC 2:405). This is not a problem since the final part of this chapter had to have been included at the end of the forty years in the desert.

tn “for keeping.”

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