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Exodus 16:29


See, because the Lord has given you the Sabbath, that is why 1  he is giving you food for two days on the sixth day. Each of you stay where you are; 2  let no one 3  go out of his place on the seventh day.”


Ex 31:13; Ne 9:14; Isa 58:13,14; Eze 20:12; Lu 23:56

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sn Noting the rabbinic teaching that the giving of the Sabbath was a sign of God’s love – it was accomplished through the double portion on the sixth day – B. Jacob says, “God made no request unless He provided the means for its execution” (Exodus, 461).

tn Heb “remain, a man where he is.”

tn Or “Let not anyone go” (see GKC 445 §138.d).

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