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Exodus 14:17


And as for me, I am going to harden 1  the hearts of the Egyptians so that 2  they will come after them, that I may be honored 3  because 4  of Pharaoh and his army and his chariots and his horsemen.


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tn הִנְנִי (hinni) before the participle gives it the force of a futur instans participle, meaning “I am about to harden” or “I am going to harden” their heart.

tn The form again is the imperfect tense with vav (ו) to express the purpose or the result of the hardening. The repetition of the verb translated “come” is interesting: Moses is to divide the sea in order that the people may cross, but God will harden the Egyptians’ hearts in order that they may follow.

tn For the comments on this verb see the discussion in v. 4. God would get glory by defeating Egypt.

tn Or “I will get glory over.”

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