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Exodus 13:4


On this day, 1  in the month of Abib, 2  you are going out. 3 


Ex 23:15; Ex 34:18; De 16:1-3

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tn The word הַיּוֹם (hayyom) means literally “the day, today, this day.” In this sentence it functions as an adverbial accusative explaining when the event took place.

sn Abib appears to be an old name for the month, meaning something like “[month of] fresh young ears” (Lev 2:14 [Heb]) (S. R. Driver, Exodus, 106). B. Jacob (Exodus, 364) explains that these names were not precise designations, but general seasons based on the lunar year in the agricultural setting.

tn The form is the active participle, functioning verbally.

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