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Esther 7:7


In rage the king arose from the banquet of wine and withdrew to the palace garden. Meanwhile, Haman stood to beg Queen Esther for his life, 1  for he realized that the king had now determined a catastrophic end for him. 2 


1Sa 20:7,9; 1Sa 25:17; Es 1:12; Ps 112:10; Pr 14:19; Pr 19:12; Isa 60:14; Da 3:19; Re 3:9

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sn There is great irony here in that the man who set out to destroy all the Jews now finds himself begging for his own life from a Jew.

tn Heb “for he saw that calamity was determined for him from the king”; NAB “the king had decided on his doom”; NRSV “the king had determined to destroy him.”

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