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Esther 2:22


When Mordecai learned of the conspiracy, 1  he informed Queen Esther, 2  and Esther told the king in Mordecai’s behalf. 3 


Es 6:1,2; Ec 10:20; Ac 23:12-22; Ro 11:33; Php 2:4

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sn The text of Esther does not disclose exactly how Mordecai learned about the plot against the king’s life. Ancient Jewish traditions state that Mordecai overheard conspiratorial conversation, or that an informant brought this information to him, or that it came to him as a result of divine prompting. These conjectures are all without adequate support from the biblical text. The author simply does not tell the source of Mordecai’s insight into this momentous event.

tc The LXX simply reads “Esther” and does not include “the queen.”

tc The LXX adds here “the things concerning the plot.”

tn Heb “in the name of Mordecai” (so NRSV); NIV “giving credit to Mordecai.”

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