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Ecclesiastes 9:3


This is the unfortunate fact 1  about everything that happens on earth: 2  the same fate awaits 3  everyone. In addition to this, the hearts of all people 4  are full of evil, and there is folly in their hearts during their lives – then they die. 5 


Ge 6:5; Ge 8:21; Job 15:16; Ps 51:5; Pr 14:32; Ec 1:17; Ec 7:25; Ec 8:11; Ec 12:7; Jer 17:9; Mt 15:19,20; Mr 7:21-23; Lu 6:11; Lu 15:17; Ac 12:23; Ac 26:11,24; Ro 1:29-31; Tit 3:3; 2Pe 2:16

NET © Notes

tn Heb “evil.”

tn Heb “under the sun.”

tn The term “awaits” does not appear in the Hebrew text, but is supplied in the translation for smoothness and stylistic reasons.

tn Heb “also the heart of the sons of man.” Here “heart” is a collective singular.

tn Heb “and after that [they go] to [the place of] the dead.”

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