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Deuteronomy 7:16


You must destroy 1  all the people whom the Lord your God is about to deliver over to you; you must not pity them or worship 2  their gods, for that will be a snare to you.


Ex 23:33; Ex 34:12-16; Nu 33:55; De 7:2; De 12:30,31; De 13:8; De 19:13,21; De 25:12; Jos 23:13-16; Jud 2:3,12; Jud 3:6; Jud 8:27; Ps 106:36; Jer 21:7; 1Co 15:33

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tn Heb “devour” (so NRSV); KJV, NAB, NASB “consume.” The verbal form (a perfect with vav consecutive) is understood here as having an imperatival or obligatory nuance (cf. the instructions and commands that follow). Another option is to take the statement as a continuation of the preceding conditional promises and translate “and you will destroy.”

tn Or “serve” (so KJV, NIV, NRSV).

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