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Deuteronomy 32:7


Remember the ancient days; bear in mind 1  the years of past generations. 2  Ask your father and he will inform you, your elders, and they will tell you.


Ex 13:14; De 4:32; Jud 6:13; Job 8:8-10; Ps 10:6; Ps 44:1; Ps 77:5; Ps 77:5,6,11,12; Ps 77:8; Ps 78:3,4; Ps 119:52; Isa 46:9; Isa 63:11

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tc The Syriac, Targum, and Vulgate read 2nd person masculine singular whereas the MT has 2nd person masculine plural. The former is preferred, the latter perhaps being a misreading (בִּינוּ [binu] for בִּינָה [binah]). Both the preceding (“remember”) and following (“ask”) imperatives are singular forms in the Hebrew text.

tn Heb “generation and generation.” The repetition of the singular noun here singles out each of the successive past generations. See IBHS 116 §7.2.3b.

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